The Oklahoma City International Auto Show

Over one hundred eighteen years ago, May 1900, J.H. Everest, an up-and-coming young lawyer, ordered the first automobile in Oklahoma City from the Mobile Steamer Company in Chicago. Five years later, there were two car dealers in Oklahoma City, Jeffries Auto Co. at 207 W. California and Oklahoma Auto Company at 124 W. Grand. By 1910, there were ten dealerships all located within a six block area selling lines like Stoddard-Dayton, Winton Six, Chalmers, Flanders, Franklins, Maxwells, EMF, Sellers, Ford and Cadillac.

The first Oklahoma City Auto Show was held January 23-26, 1917.  However, the original ledger books’ earliest recording of the Auto Show was in 1922. It was the 6th annual show.

Sites for the show varied, including locations on the 2nd floor of the John Deere Building, State Fair Grounds, the Live Stock Pavilion, Carhart Motor Company Building (6th & Broadway), and the Coliseum Building in Packingtown.


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